Golf Conditioning

Golf is more physically demanding than many people imagine. I have been a PGA Golf Professional for over ten years, and have had the fortune of competing all over the world. So with this experience, coupled together with my Strength and Conditioning education, I feel strongly that I can help any type of golfer.

Golf requires not only flexibility and strength, but also good muscle balance and postural stability. A typical day on the golf course can include swinging more than 100 times (for both practice and the actual game), leaning over 30–40 putts and bending 40–50 times to pick up balls (Roberts 2005). S.P.Harris golf conditioning will help you to fully understand what it takes to develop and enhance your golf game. The word flexibility is bandied around like water! Unfortunately people think they can achieve it by lying on the floor. When in fact strength training and conditioning is the most proven way of improving your flexibility, core strength, rotational power and swing speed.

This, in my opinion, is done by lifting weights through a full range of movement. Golf conditioning is also about improving your posture and lumber spine strength/flexibility. Helping you to become more explosive, which given that this is what type of movement the golf swing is you can understand the relevance required for an effective golf swing – moving the club through a short space quickly and efficiently. In addition, conditioning your body is vital for injury prevention, ensuring you are trained, prepared and ready for the strains and demands golf has. For more information about S.P.Harris golf conditioning services, please contact us.