Steve Harris personal trainer for strength and conditioning

Steve got into Personal Training as a result of spending over 10 years coaching and helping people develop their golfing abilities and overall game. It was through this that he realised he could help people in a far deeper and more comprehensive manner as a personal trainer and conditioning coach.

Steve will introduce and develop an individual to strongly reducing their levels of body fat, increased levels of aerobic capacity, better joint strength, strengthen lower and upper back , especially given so many people suffer with back issues, better levels of sleep and an improvement in lifestyle.

Steve is driven by the ability to be able to take any type of individual, regardless of age, gender or fitness level and be able to develop them however they desire.

Steve works at The Shire London, which is about 1.5 miles from the South Mimms junction of the M25. It’s also close to Barnet high street and the train station. It is a modern golf club, with fully up to date gym equipment, a restaurant, changing rooms with showers and sauna. Steve has chosen to train clients at The Shire London, due to it’s friendly and welcoming environment and all clients have full use of the facilities. For more information about The Shire London visit www.theshirelondon.com